1. "Since the controversy surrounding Target has happened, other companies have stepped forward and made contributions including Holiday Companies, Red Wing Shoes, Cold Spring Granite and we have other contributions in the pipeline," McClung said. "These businesses understand that MN Forward is going to be a voice that keeps jobs and the economy at the top of the agenda during this campaign."

    Target apologizes for donation to MN Forward | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

    I love Target. I love shopping there. I love their products. I am human and play favorites. With that disclaimer, I am going to put in a defense line for Target. 

    Obviously, Target did not contribute to MN Forward because of an anti-gay corporate agenda. Anyone who thinks so is irrationally rushing to conclusions and thinks being a Republican means one pre-packaged set of values and being a Democrat another and probably votes accordingly and are guilty of being an accomplice in why our political system is screwed up to the extent it is today. 

    How does boycotting Target promote diversity and appreciation of homos and crew? It doesn’t. Instead, it is deterring a giant within our economy that provides jobs and contributes to causes globally. It is wasting time, money and energy that could’ve been invested in the same cause through channels of positivity and could’ve yielded results far more effectively. 

    That’s the small piece I wanted to speak today about that.

    I am Christine Ting. I am a queer American woman. And I’m asking you to not boycott Target.