1. GPOY - Spaced Out

    Today I woke up from a nap and realized - I AM the Universe. 


  2. apologies


    I was not hugged often as a child,

    and it has made me cold.

    Forgive me for being infantile,

    and for acting such a fool.

    I never blew out my own birthday candles;

    and one year, I turned resentful.

    I’m sorry, I was given hard words as a child,

    and it has made me cruel. 

  3. The Tallest Man On Earth  - “The Gardner”

    This song always makes my heart quiver. It beautifully tells the story of a man with an ugly past/secret that he’s trying to keep from his lover, and he goes through great pains to make sure she doesn’t find out the unsavory details so that he can remain the respectable individual that she sees him as. Think we can all relate to some degree, no?

    The Tallest Man On Earth’s stuff always sounds best live to me, and I was lucky to find this gem of a video today. 

  4. Eat an apple from the bottom instead of the side to eliminate the “core” issue, i.e. wasting 25-30% of your apple. #lifehacks #breakfast #anappleaday

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