1. Hope you like your #filetmingon #sideways. #underwood #cannedwine #dinner

  2. I will beg my way into your garden, and then I’ll break my way out when it rains just to go back to the place where I started, so I can want you back all over again.


  3. This is very important for everyone out there to know. This morning, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that police officers must obtain a warrant to search an individual’s cell phone. Prior to this ruling, police officers had the right (and almost a sense of obligation) to violate individual privacy by searching cell phones for incriminating content during an arrest prior to obtaining a warrant. The justification was since officers didn’t need to obtain a warrant to search your pockets, purse, and person, they shouldn’t need a warrant to go through the digital content in your pocket.

    Read more at the link above. 

  4. humansofnewyork:

    "His grandmother and I are raising him. I worry about putting him into the public school system. I was a teacher for many years. I’ve seen so much confidence destroyed by the standardized system. Every human is born with natural curiosity. I’ve never seen a child who wasn’t inspired. But once you force someone to do anything, the inspired person is killed. I dropped out of school myself in 7th grade. So I know. I taught a GED course for years, so I’ve seen the end results over and over. I’ve seen so many kids who have complexes and insecurities because they were forced to do something they weren’t ready to do, and then they were blamed when they weren’t able to do it. What we call ‘education’ today is not organic. You can’t take something as complex as the human mind, compartmentalize it, and regiment its development so strictly."


  5. Demand something for quick, good, and cheap, and you will get something half-done and malformed in a jiffy.